Ideation represents the starting point of every project.
Creativity and technical skills come together to shape up new solutions, tailored on the customer and his target market.
We share our knowledge of the natural cosmetics market, resulting from years of experience in the field and the constant monitoring of market trends, and our ability to listen and work closely with the customer to share and understand strategies and objectives.
In this phase, product concept, image and packaging are outlined; the main sensory and functional characteristics of the formula are identified, in order to help research and development select the best raw materials, textures and fragrances.


There are many ways to say it, but the meaning won’t change: we love our job, imagining and developing cosmetics with “as much Nature as possible” inside, freeing our lab shelves from useless samples of silicones, synthetic dyes or ethoxylates that we won’t include in any of our formulas anymore.
Smelling, touching, creating and testing our seemingly easy to make creations is a lot of fun; at the same time, they require dedication, research, investments and tenacity.