• 1

    We formulate cosmetics with natural-origin, vegan, organic and fairtrade raw materials.

  • 2

    Our formulas are light, quickly biodegradable, water-free and anti-waste.

  • 3

    We experiment with and choose as much recyclable and recycled packaging, as possible, all while guaranteeing product safety and integrity.

  • 4

    When it comes to packing, we favour environmentally friendly materials, such as paper adhesive tapes and recycled paper systems for shipping boxes filling and protection.

  • 5

    We only use zero-impact energy or energy derived from renewable sources.

  • 6

    We use an integrated hydric cooling system, allowing for steep water waste reduction each year and enabling heat transfer to the raw material warehouse during winter.

  • 7

    We endorse environmental and social projects. We planted 200 trees in the forests of Madagascar, contributing to CO2 absorption and resulting in social benefits for local communities.

  • 8

    We promote biodiversity by endorsing projects aimed at preserving and protecting wild honeybees.

  • 9

    We support women, gender equality and local anti-violence associations.

  • 10

    We are a BENEFIT Corporation, in order to pursue common benefit purposes and operate in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards our people, our territory, the environment and other stakeholders.

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